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Thus spoke Johnealogy

Welcome to Johnealogy. I’m John. This is my blog about genealogy (though “family history” sounds less dorky).

I’ve started a few blogs over the years, and there always seems to be something vital about starting off on the right foot. This introduction may never be read by anyone at all, but it’s still important to get it written to help me frame what I think this blog is about.

I’m a budding genealogist, a member of my local genealogy society (update as of re-installing this site following a site crash: not currently a society member), and looking for an outlet to help keep me inspired to invest time in the pursuit of this topic. This blog, then, is as much about giving me a reason to be focused on my family history research as much as it is to share what I find. I intend to write about my ancestors, and share discoveries along the way that are tangentially related, or even just general genealogical topics.

One benefit about blogging one’s family is that family that you don’t even know exists may be able to find you thanks to the magic that is Google. I heard it described a couple of weeks ago as cousin bait. So, to get off on the right foot, lets talk about who I’m researching.

Two of the notable family members are John Harrison and Ann McIntosh, who immigrated to Canada after the war of 1812. John was actually here before that, and it seems that Ann likely was as well, perhaps even born here. But they made it their permanent home only after returning from Europe. There’s going to be much more about these two in these pages, I hope.

Others who were along this path include George Henry Harrison, George Joseph Harrison, along with the Ukrainian families from my fathers side, including the family names Shmigelski and Balamatowski. There’s some of your bait, cousins. Drop me a line and let me know you’re out there.